Not sure if you or your organisation needs antivirus software? Here are 5 reasons why it can be crucial to your organisation!

1. Your personal data is worth protecting

Personal data is increasingly becoming part of our computer hard drives, whether that iss passwords, bank account details, usernames, address books, private documents or any work-related material – the list is endless. All of this could easily be destroyed by malicious malware, or even be accessed by a hacker. Next Generation PC Antivirus can run on PCs, smartphoners & BYODs, so it is able to protect your personal data on multiple platforms.

2. Save hard drive issues

More dangerous malware can wipe your PC hard drive and eradicate your computer. Malware is now capable of editing and changing data on your hard drive without you knowing. This can result in having to purchase a brand new hard drive which can be expensive!

3. Stops you infecting others

If you communicate with others via your PC within your organisation, you need to ensure you have antivirus software installed. You could unknowingly send malware to colleagues or cliants via email or instant messenger. Next Generation PC antivirus runs automatic exclusions, this means that it will automatically identify any installed or downloaded data and pinpoint whether or not it is goodware. Next Gen PC Antivirus will then automatically exclude whatever is deemed as bad.

4. Enables you to scan removable media

Antivirus software scans USB flash drives and other removable media when they are connected to your system. Next Generation PC Antivirus allows you to choose whether you want to set these to read only (so that the content can be accessed but not modified) or blocked (so that use is prohibited).

5. Avoid future repair costs

Buying a new operating system or computer can be expensive! By investing in antivirus software, it is like buying an insurance policy for your PC and important data that your organisation needs. Click here for Next Generation PC Antivirus prices

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