Security vs Privacy is a growing concern within every industry, so here are 9 ways to protect yourself online.

1. Use strong passwords and change them regularly – a password between 6-8 characters including letters, numbers, capitals and special characters as this will help to keep your password indistinguishable.


2. Do NOT open emails or download attachments from people you do not know.


3. Log out of your personal accounts if you use someone else’s computer or a publicly accessed computer. Remember to not ‘save credentials’ as this can keep your passwords stored within the browser.


4. Ensure you have a high-quality antivirus software, you can check out Keyfort’s Next Generation Antivirus here.


5. Think twice before you share any personal information! Including photos, login credentials and current locations – once it is shared, it could stay on the internet forever!


6. Only shop online with trustworthy websites – Check the website starts with ‘https’ or has a green padlock icon.


7. Clear your cookies to prevent companies from checking your online activities and using this information for marketing purposes. Make sure you do not accept cookies from websites you do not trust.


8. Use spam filters to keep unwanted emails with malicious attachments from reaching your inbox, take a look at Keyfort’s Email Management Service.


9. Keep all of the software on your PC up-to-date with the latest updates and patches.

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