Cybersecurity Checklist

Have you checked your cybersecurity protection lately?

46% of UK businesses have suffered a cybersecurity breach or attack within the last 12 months (Cyber Security Breaches Survery 2017)

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  • Have you tested your IT system with a basic vulnerability scan?

  • Does your IT system have multiple layers of cyber defence?

  • Is your data automatically backed up off-site on a daily basis?

  • Have you informed employees on what they can do to increase cyber protection?

Use our checklist to review your cyber security protection.

Ο Next Generation Antivirus:

Malware can spread from machine to machine by using a network connection.

Anti-virus scans help prevent contamination in your network.

Ο Email Server Certification:

An Email Server Certification verifies that emails that purport to come from your server, are coming from you and are not a scam to fool your contacts.

Ο Email Anti-Spam:

This can help detect unsolicited or unwanted emails and prevent them from making their way into your inbox.

Ο Email Anti-Phishing:

This can identify phishing content within your emails and block the content from reaching your inbox.

It hinders attackers from gaining unauthorised access to your sensitive information.

Ο Email Anti-virus:

Viruses can be transferred through email by simply clicking a link, opening an attachment or any other interactions within the email. This helps remove any malicious emails.

Ο Firewall Configuration:

This helps filter incoming/outgoing network traffic and controls access to your network and servers.

Ο Strong WiFi Encryption:

This encrypts data as it travels in and out of your network thereby making it more difficult for the data to be read or altered by attackers.

Ο Accounts data backed up to an off-site location

Ο Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data backed up to an off-site location

Ο Shared Files backed up to an off-site location

Social Engineering 

                  Make sure your employees follow these 3 simple rules to increase protection

Ο Be vigilant of tempting offers - if it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.

Ο Don't open emails or attachments from suspicious sources - even if it's from someone you recognise, try checking with that person via another source i.e. phone.

Ο Do NOT give out sensitive data or information to anyone.

So what does Keyfort's Managed Service include?

  •          Initial Assessment:

Keyfort performs a vulnerability scan to start with so that we can assess the vulnerabilities in your system.

We don't exploit your vulnerabilities though, as this could lead to your system being compromised.

  •           Plan of Action:

Once we have our initial assessment of your system, we can work out the best way to combat the vulnerabilities.

  •           Implementation & Back-up: 

Now we know how to combat the vulnerabilities, the plan is put into action. Keyfort configures automatic daily off site backups of your key data so that in the event of onsite data corruption, malign or error, we can quickly restore your original data from the off site backups.

  •           Six Monthly Vulnerability Scan: 

Under the Keyfort Cyber Security Plan we conduct a vulnerability scan of your network every 6 months to verify that automatic updates and access rights continue to meet the required security standards.

  •           Pro-active engineering support: 

Keyfort is dedicated to providing IT engineering support to clients. We've been around since 2000, so we have plenty of expertise under our belts.

Our engineers have a breadth of knowledge, skill sets and expertise so we are able to deal with a vast range of situations.

  •           Management Information:

Keyfort uses CRM management to log, track, notify and address issues. This facilitates the provision of case status, usage reports and incident logs to meet your organisation's requirements.

Download our PDF guide here:

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