Do you have total network visibility?

Nearly 7/10 businesses identified a breach or attack with the average cost to large businesses being £20,000 and in some cases, millions. (Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2017)


Image of cyber security testing and vulnerability ahead


Keyfort’s cybersecurity includes remote testing via the internet to simulate the view of your systems through the eyes of a potential attacker. 

An in-depth assessment allows us to produce a technical overview with a management level summery of the weaknessess within your network.

Keyfort engineers can then advise you on the best course of remedial action. 

The Keyfort Cybersecurity testing does NOT include: 

  • Application tests – which are used to identify/assess potential threats to software applications (including bespoke or propriety software applications). 
  • Social Engineering tests – these rely heavily on human interaction & often involve tricking other people into breaking security procedures.

Keyfort also offer an on-site assessment by connecting to your internal network.

This on-site approach allows Keyfort’s experienced network analysts to view services and resources from behind the external perimiter to help identify internal vulnerabilities e.g. weak wireless security. 


Image of pricing for cybersecurity testing