Google Apps for Work increases performance for Activity Provider Company.

A move to Google Apps for Work has improved workflow, collaboration and consistency for South Coast based Activity Holiday organisation, Allnatt, as well as delivering significant IT cost savings.


The Challenge

Founded in 1924 as a Residential Centre for Schools during the summer, the Company has evolved to provide more focus and a high quality experience for schools and groups from its bases in the South of England. Many innovative ideas have been introduced, and the Company became one of the founder members of the British Activity Providers Association (BAPA) set up to establish a Code of Practice for commercial centres.

Faced with the challenge of linking three sites (Swanage, East Dene and Bournemouth) together with the need to replace their aging servers, the management team was keen to introduce a consistent approach. This, coupled with the need to improve internal processes and communication led to the solution of using Google Apps for Work.

The Solution

With the support of Bournemouth based Keyfort, a Google Apps Partner, Allnatt implemented Google Apps for Work, allowing all employees to access Gmail, Google calendar and office apps such as Docs and Sheets. Chromebooks are now replacing PCs and laptops, providing instant-on power-up, secure antivirus as standard and reliable, low cost computing. This now delivers great communication, a consistent approach to mail and calendar, plus impressive IT cost savings.

The move to Google Apps had an immediate and positive impact on the company’s internal communication, with the team using Gmail, chats, hangouts and calendar to discuss and share important information wherever and whenever required. Subsequently, Allnatt has moved key documents to Google Drive and implemented Zoho, a cloud based CRM package, to further improve communication with customers and partners alike, with full integration into Allnatt’s web site and Quickbooks, their on-line financial and billing system.

After a successful and speedy switch to Google Apps, Allnatt continues to use Keyfort’s comprehensive Google Apps support package to provide technical support to both individual users and the company as a whole to gain the maximum benefit from the change.

The Results

Moving to Google Apps was critical to help our organisation scale, innovate and keep our commitment to producing service levels that are good for our staff and customers.

Denea Wright, Managing Director, Allnatt


It is a big decision. Once you’ve made it, I think it’s critical to do your homework and find a reliable and experienced provider. Keyfort played a huge part in our positive experience. As our partner, they were a constant resource, flexible in meeting our requirements and timescales.

The entire process took only 3 months from first meeting Keyfort to completing the roll out of Google Apps across the organisation, Keyfort made the process so simple. All the technical details were sorted behind the scenes so we could focus on communicating the change to our staff and introducing a better way of working. The cultural changes in the early days were challenging but we found the Google community invaluable as a source of ideas, help and additional add-ons to provide us with the capabilities we needed. This combined with Keyfort’s experience and expertise in helping businesses transition to the cloud, has made the whole process pretty painless.

The ongoing Google support from Keyfort is superb.

Jill Spicer, Finance Manager, Allnatt