Update 21/07/2016 17:00

Our ISP has said that engineers have completed the required work and service should now be restored.

Update 21/07/2016 12:00

Our ISP has said that engineers are continuing to work to restore power at their data centre. Estimated completion time is 13:00 today.

They have said that ADSL, Bonded DSL, and FTTC products connectivity has been restored. If your connection is still down please reboot your router.

They have also said that Leased Line customers whose connection terminates in Telehouse, with no Failover service will remain down until power is restored.

Update 21/07/2016 09:42

Our ISP has said that a power outage at one of their data centers is the cause of the loss of connectivity this morning. They have said this will be affecting other communications providers as well as themselves.

Our supplier has re-routed traffic so that the internet connectivity for the majority of customers has been restored. However, some customers may remain down until power is restored.

Services whose traffic has been rerouted may see slower internet speeds than normal as there is increased congestion on the network.


One of our ISPs is currently having a non-geographical, major service outage. The cause and expected resolution time are unknown currently, but we are expecting a further update at 10am.

Please call us on 0844 801 4580 if you think this is affecting you.