IT Services

Advancing to the Cloud

Cloud transformation is the process of migrating your organisation’s IT services and data onto the cloud. Moving to the cloud is flexible, effective and allows for secure home working with increased IT resilience. There is no longer a need for a server in the office which can fail and requires ongoing technical support and updates.

Benefits Include:

  • Greater IT resilience & Functionality
  • Improved Remote Working
  • Improved Cyber Security
  • IT Upgraded to current software with new PCs/laptops available on a monthly charge
  • Reduced Capital Expenditure (CapEx) as there is no need to replace old server

With Keyfort’s Cloud Services (KCS) our experienced IT Systems Engineers will identify your requirements such as Microsoft 365, file storage, automatic ‘off-site’ backups and cybersecurity. We will then transfer your existing IT services and data to the cloud, provide new PCs/laptops if required and provide comprehensive technical support for cloud and office IT.

Cyber Security 

Cyber security is the protection of your IT services both on site and in the cloud from ransomware, data theft, service disruption, hardware failure and user error.

Keyfort has 5 Cyber Security Controls: 

  • Firewall Management
  • Access Rights
  • Daily off-site backup
  • Multi-layered Anti Virus
  • Software Patch Management

Upgrade Internet Connection, WiFi and Remote Access

Internet access needs to be reliable, of adequate speed and secure if it is to serve its purpose well. Internet services continue to develop apace in both increased bandwidth and reducing costs. If your existing Internet service is out of contract term or you need to improve the service for better WiFi coverage, VoIP telephone service, secure remote access or new IT functionality then Keyfort’s BizDev team can discuss the options with you. Then if you wish to proceed Keyfort’s systems engineers will ensure the upgrade work is carried out efficiently using appropriate services, hardware and configurations in accordance with your organization’s requirements.

Benefits Include:

  • Improved cost-effective bandwidth
  • Corporate standard WiFi coverage to reliably meet requirements
  • Improved cyber security with user access management and encrypted links
  • Network monitoring, firmware upgrades and technical support
  • 4G and satellite links for remote sites

When you upgrade, our qualified IT engineers will help you from start to finish. Our engineers will be available to help with any queries or issues you may have and will monitor and support your connections.

Upgrade Server

Old IT servers tend to be vulnerable to failure, cyber-attacks, lack updates, lack functionality, lack adequate daily backups and expensive to maintain and replace.

Keyfort offers to migrate you IT server functions to the cloud, thereby:

  • Improving service resilience
  • Improving cyber security
  • Providing daily synchronised backup to a second data centre in the UK
  • Benefitting from world class VMware VM and Veeam backup/restore software
  • Ensuring comprehensive technical maintenance and support
broadband cables

Comprehensive IT Support

Keyfort’s main focus is to provide comprehensive IT support and help organisation’s reach their targets while providing cost saving and effective solutions. Our highly qualified IT systems engineers can assist with migrating your old functions to new, resilient and cost-effective solutions.

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