IT Engineering Service Portal (ITESP)

IT Engineering Service Portal (ITESP) allows Keyfort’s customers to have a management oversight of their IT services 24/7. ITESP also provides secure and effective communication between Keyfort and our customers. 

The portal is secured with encryption and two-factor authentication.

It allows users to:

  • Check cases – Where the progress of your support cases can be viewed.
  • Make change requests – Enables your organisation to oversee any changes requested, comments and document sharing.
  • Track installations – You will be able to view the progress of installations such as new lines, VoIP systems, virtual machines and much more.
  • Check assets – All your current assets under Keyfort Managed Service can be viewed.
  • View network information- Easily view a variety of details about your network such as:
  • Status of devices
  • Bandwidth usage
  • Network diagrams
  • Line usage
  • Software Patch Management status of each PC and server
  • Current status of IT systems

New services are being added as per customer requests. 

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