Keypage is a cloud-based document management system which is purposed for single and multi- organisational use. Stored in the UK and under the UK only jurisdiction, your data is more secure allowing for better look-up index, version control, user access rights, automatic backups and multi-server resilience.

Your team can share documents more easily in a controlled fashion, allowing users access to appropriate files in the office, at home or even on the go. With the B2B cloud-based document sharing application, you are able to buy packages starting from 20 users. Keypage as a B2B solution includes tailored migration of your key documents to this versatile and secure document management service.

How Keypage can benefit your business:

  • Secure file management
  • Easy file share and collaboration
  • Easy to create/edit and delete users
  • Auto file versions
  • Auto backups
  • Two Factor Authentication Available
  • Flexible user access rights control
  • GDPR/HIPPA/ISA3402 compliant
  • Comprehensive technical support

What is the difference between Keypage and other document systems e.g. Dropbox

Keypage is B2B only providing organizations with tailored service and security facilitating data storage compliance with GDPR/HIPPA/ISA3402 and all data is held in the UK and therefore under sole UK jurisdiction. The likes of Dropbox are B2C and B2B plus store data primarily in the USA which has been ruled by the European Court of Justice as not automatically compliant with data security requirements.

Keypage has been a long establishing cloud-based document management system. Contact Keyfort today to create a login.