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Is the software on your servers, PCs and other devices automatically updated with the latest patches on a weekly basis?

Make sure operating systems and software are up to date as older systems are more vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

When was the last time your organisation’s user logins were reviewed to ensure that each user has access to appropriate folders and software and no more?

Access to vital information should be restricted on a need-to-know basis. Such an approach to user access rights minimizes the risk of sensitive data being exposed to cyber-attacks as the data availability is restricted.

Is your organisation’s key data automatically backed up securely off site?

All your organization’s key data needs to be backed up off site at least every day. In the event that a cyber attack succeeds in encrypting or corrupting your data the backups will be needed to restore services promptly with minimum down time.

Are your organisation’s firewalls appropriate and properly configured?

Appropriate firewall (to guard Internet links) is required to protect your IT systems, data and staff.

Are the staff fully aware of the steps that are required in order to protect your organisation?

Millions of UK businesses experience data breaches due to employee error.

Thank you for taking the time to try out our quick cyber security quiz. As you may know, cyber security is an essential part of any business in the 21st century and it cannot be solved with a 5 minute quiz. However, taking this quiz can be your first step towards a more secure digital environment for yourself and your business.


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