Secure Remote Access

The Requirement:

Secure Remote IT Access for staff working from home or on the move.

The Challenge:

Staff require timely and appropriate access to information and IT services to do their jobs. Organizations need to protect their information, IT services and staff from malevolent external parties.

The solution:

Keyfort’s secure remote access service vets’ remote access in a secure environment to ensure that only trusted devices and authorized users are allowed appropriate level access to your organization’s information and IT services.

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    How the service is provided:

    • Users login via Keyfort’s secure cloud service.
    • Their device is checked to ensure that is on the approved list.
    • Their login details are checked against you oganisation’s login server (AD/LDAP)
    • If both the device and the user are recognised as authroised staff they are then provided with appropiate access, via Keyfort’s secure environment, to your organisations’ information and IT Services.


    • Staff can work effectively from home or on the move.
    • Access to your organisation’s information and IT Services is controlled.
    • Keyfort’s systems engineers setup, proactively manage and maintain the secure service.
    • Access logs and reports are available.
    • Staff can be requested, online, to sign off that they have read your organisation’s usage policy.


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