Secure Off-site Backup

Secure Off-site Backup

An off-site backup is a copy of a business’ production system data that is stored in a geographically different location than the production system. It is an important part of the 5 cyber security controls, and should be part of a cyber-defence plan. 

Off-site backup provides several benefits to organisations, such as increased reliability and efficiency and are based upon such capabilities and features, which most companies may be able to afford.

Maintenance of infrastructure is hassle-free, as the burden lies upon the shoulder of the service provider. Also, offsite backup solutions provide excellent accessibility of data through interconnected devices from various locations. The need for offsite data backup include the consolidation of backup operations, cost savings, and most importantly,  disaster recovery.

The benefits of Keyfort’s off site backup as part of Keyfort’s Cloud Services (KCS):

  • Works with Microsoft365 accounts to backup email, file share and Teams.
  • Works with customer site equipment, cloud services and hybrid systems.
  • VM, file and application item level recovery.
  • Backup data storage agnostic, it works with on site equipment and cloud services including KCS, Azure, Amazon Work Services (AWS) & Google GCP.
  • Veeam backup software is number 1 in Europe.
  • Facilitates compliance with GDPR and industry requirements for monitoring, reporting and audit logs.
  • KCS data centres are all located in the UK and are subject to English law.

Keyfort uses world class backup and disaster recovery Veeam  software as an integral part of Keyfort’s advancing to the cloud and cyber security services.

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