Most offices are still content using an email service running on a box in the corner of the office. The problem here is that if your office server goes down, your whole email system goes down, obstructing business critical emails from reaching you and grinding all your email traffic to a halt!

Then comes the expensive call out, repair and maintenance costs or a new server all together – all while your organisation has no access to emails.

Time for Cloud Email from Keyfort

By using Keyfort’s Cloud Email Service, you take advantage of multiple email servers, and no single point of failure so your important emails will always reach you, your colleagues and customers.

No need to worry about data security either – corporate strength email antivirus and anti-spam are included as part of the service for in and outbound messages

Why use a cloud service?

Our service enables you to access your emails, calendar and contacts from wherever you are on any device, making it easier to exchange vital emails, and set up important meetings.

Cloud email allows you to update your calendar even when you don’t have the internet, and it will automatically synchronise once you are reconnected.

Cloud email allows you to have an unlimited number of email addresses – meaning you can provide custom email addresses to everyone in your business for a much more professional look.

Why use the team at Keyfort?

Our experienced IT engineers will provide a seamless transition from your old email service (the box whirring in the corner) to your new Cloud online service.

We have the infrastructure set up, and our professional team of UK based IT engineers will provide you with ongoing support whenever you need it, ensuring your emails reach you on any device, regardless of where you are.

Pricing & what's right for you

All products have a 12 month minimum term.
All prices are ex. VAT