What is an Email Management Service?

Our Email Management Service (EMS) uses multi-layered anti-spam and dual layer antivirus technology to filter out any emails which are harmful or unsolicited, leaving you with only the emails which matter.

Why use an Email Management Service?

By cleaning your emails of the dangerous and unsolicited exchanges, you have more time to deal with the ones that matter. Business critical emails will no longer slip through the net, since you will only receive those which are important to you. All the while, you will save on your bandwidth usage and your network will stay safe because you are no longer receiving potentially dangerous emails with viruses inside. Keyfort’s Email Management Service is the ideal bridge to upgrading to our cloud email service.

Image of Email Management Service

Why use Keyfort for your Email Management Service?

We have experienced IT Engineers who will speedily set up your Email Management, and will be available for ongoing support. We ensure that the Email Management system stays current, protecting you from the latest viruses and spam.

Image of Email Management Service