What is offsite backup?

Offsite backup is copying the important files and data from your office and saving them somewhere else for safekeeping. This safeguards them in case of any unfortunate event.

Why do offsite backup?

Unplanned events such as hardware failure, human error, and data corruption (amongst other things) can destroy your data. Studies have shown that 60% of companies that lose their data shut down within 6 months of the disaster. Getting us to do the offsite backup saves you the cost of expensive infrastructure and man hours spent to support it. Everything will happen automatically, so you can always feel safe knowing your data is backed up. Without offsite backup, data recovery can cost thousands, whilst often procuring nothing.

Why use Keyfort for Offsite Backup?

Keyfort is a UK based company, and all backed up data is also stored in the UK. We can provide written confirmation of our compliance with ISAE 3402. We have skilled IT engineers able to help via phone, meaning no more waiting in queues for call centre responses. Not only is your data sent compressed and encrypted, but also after the first backup we will only need to transfer files that you have changed. This limits excessive use of your internet bandwidth. When backing up, Keyfort keeps your data safe by transferring it from your office over an encrypted connection to a physically and information secure data centre. All of your data is securely kept in the country. Feel free to check out our Keyfort Cloud Services Data Location, Security  & Privacy document.


Our scholar discount offers discount of 30% ior more when taken as part of another service or solution provided by Keyfort.

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