Cloud computing is on the on-demand delivery of computing resources over the internet

The 'Techy' Cloud Computing Definition

Cloud computing decouples basic computing resources from individual physical on-site machines. The user can rapidly provision and release the resources with minimal management. This practice allows users to access a shared pool of computing resources they can use on demand rather than maintaining physical computer, storage, services or networking resources dedicated to an application.

What are the advantages of Cloud Computing for Business?

Cloud computing provides organisations with a number of notable benefits.

  • Reduced Costs: Companies no longer need to maintain physical infrastructure, but instead can pay for access to exactly the computing resources they need. Under this model, computing resources become an operational expense, rather than a capital expense with an ongoing long-term commitment.
  • Rapid scaling: The cloud computing model allows businesses to scale up or down nearly instantaneously based on current demand, eliminating both bottlenecks and underutilised assets.
  • Ease of use and maintenance: With cloud computing, resources and updates can be deployed in an automated, standardised fashion, increasing accessibility and eliminating inconsistencies and the need for manual updates.
  • Better disaster recovery: Cloud-based backup solutions tend to be relatively inexpensive and easy to use. The cloud computing model also means key files aren’t trapped on individual machines, which will inevitably fail at some point.

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Why go to the cloud with Keyfort?

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