In conjunction with Christchurch Sailing Club, Keyfort has developed SailingVista, a membership management system designed specifically for sailing clubs. Built on a tried and tested platform, SailingVista has been developed from the ground up to satisfy the broader demands that we all take for granted these days.

The main features of SailingVista have been summarised below. If you have any questions – or if you would like to arrange a demo – you can contact us to find out more.

Admin and Member Login

Various access levels mean office staff and members can log in and have access to their respective authorised areas. Log in restrictions can be set per user group, so admin staff accessing sensitive data can only access from specific locations, and members can access their own data from anywhere.

  • Various access levels
  • Lock down access to users who can view sensitive data
  • Members can log on to just view or to view and edit their own information. (Dependent on site settings)

Manage Members, Boats & more

Manage every aspect of a member including their basic details, vehicles, payments, balance due, family members, additional addresses, boats, and mooring and storage waiting list applications.

  • Manage multiple vehicles
  • Track due subscription balances
  • Track all payments
  • Manage family members
  • Manage multiple addresses
  • Manage member boats – including moorings, storage & additional boat owners
  • Access mooring & storage waiting lists

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Duty Management

Schedule member’s duty assignments – and let SailingVista do the rest for you. From reminders 1 month before the duty date, to reminders the day before.

  • Reminders via email or text message
  • Notifications to office staff if a member cannot be notified
  • Track all payments
  • Duty details stored and sent to members

Event Management

Schedule member’s duty assignments – and let SailingVista do the rest for you. From reminders 1 month before the duty date, to reminders the day before.

  • Easily manage guest lists
  • Export guest data to use for invitations
  • Generate name badges ready to print


SailingVista stores every detail about your members, and provides access to a multitude of reports from invoices to phone lists.

  • Download reports as ready to print Excel documents
  • Multiple reports available ready to download
  • Flexible system allows for reports to be added easily


SailingVista provides an easy to use web interface to send your members e-mails or text messages at the click of a button.

  • Send emails or text messages to all members, or to a select group of members
  • Schedule emails and text messsages to be sent at a later date
  • Attach files to the emails sent via SailingVista

Online Card Payments

The ability to accept payments via SailingVista means members can easily pay the club for subscriptions, mooring, storage, club merchandise, and more.

  • Accept card payments online straight to the club bank account
  • Transaction reporting and data file thereof for direct import into the club’s account package e.g. Sage
  • Manage refunds

Integrated Website

Integrating SailingVista with your club website means you can easily provide restricted access to pages.

  • Build and maintain web site content using WordPress
  • Page access management

Security & Hosting

SailingVista is hosted within the Keyfort Cloud, which is located in a secure data center – so there’s no need for you to have a server in your office to host SailingVista.

Access to SailingVista is available from anywhere – providing you have access to a web browser (IE 8+, Chrome or Firefox). Access can be locked down to specific locations via IP address whitelisting.

  • No hardware required
  • Access from anywhere
  • Ability to lockdown access
  • Regularly scheduled backups

Setup & Migration

The Keyfort Team will provide full support during the setup of SailingVista, from user setup, to migration of your member data from your old member management system. Custom migration scripts will be written to ensure data integrity during the entire process.

  • Data migration between your current system and SailingVista
  • Full support during setup
  • No IT knowledge required


SailingVista also comes with access to Keyfort’s Comprehensive Support which is available Monday to Friday between 9am and 5:30 pm (excluding public holidays) via email or on the phone.

  • Fast and friendly support
  • Training sessions when you require them