Compile and publish on-line course details

Participants may view the courses available, register, and pay securely online

Book Courses and Other Resources Securely

Courses can be booked and paid for either on the SOBook internal portal by staff or on the web site (SOBook external portal) by parents/participants.



Pay Online SecurelySOBook - Bank Card

All credit card payments are made via SOBook in accordance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI/DSS).

  • Payments are sent directly to your bank account.
  • Staff using the SOBook internal portal can also deal with cheques and cash payments.


Manage Data (Participants, Courses, Venues …etc) SecurelySoBook - Cloud

The office staff have individual logins to access the SOBook internal portal where they can add, amend and delete participant, course and venue records as required.



Send group wide SMS messages and emails to parents/participants.



Generate Reports and RegistersSOBook - Clip BoardSOBook - Graph

Staff using the SOBook internal portal have access to:

  • Transaction reports (Credit Cards/Cash/Cheques/Vouchers).
  • Management summary reports.
  • Participant count reports.

What Our Customers Say

We had been using an old Act database to book children onto our coaching sessions however we had really out grown this system and it didn’t offer the facilities that we needed. After discussion with a few companies we decided to go with Keyfort.

Keyfort spent a long time with us discussing the system that we had and how we wanted it to change. It wasn’t long before a demo system was set up, from then on we spent some time looking at each individual aspect, tweaking and changing bit by bit. The system went live on the 1st of April 2012, initially we moved 25% of our courses over to the new system just to iron out any final glitches. The Keyfort engineers have been amazing throughout the process as I’m sure you’ll appreciate with a system of this nature you will always find the odd little thing that you suddenly realise you’ve missed.

We have now been running the system for over twelve months, it has saved us so much time and is a delight to use compared to the old system. Customer feedback has also been good allowing our customers to book onto our courses online 24 hours a day.”

Dave Richards, Operations Manager, Pompey in the Community

The new system is much easier to use and has enabled us to offer a far better solution to our customers, with enhancements such as emailing and sending SMS messages.

Julie, Course Administrator, Pompey in the Community

The system is working well, it is quick to book courses over the phone and parents using it to book online generally find it user-friendly.

Kim, Course Administrator, Pompey in the Community

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