Server on it’s last legs? Noisier by the day and likely to fail at any minute?

You need a powerful and resilient virtual server from Keyfort

Replace your physical server with a powerful Keyfort Cloud Server that will just keep going and going and going.

£198.00 per month including 150Gb server data storage.

Why move to a Cloud Server? (If you’re a Financial Director – there are savings to be made)

  • No cost for physical infrastructure (don’t spend £1000’s on a new piece of hardware)
  • Fast and expandable to meet business requirements as they grow.
  • Residing in UK based data centres (ISO 27001 compliant)
  • Robust Security
  • Auto Fail-over so you always have access to your business critical systems.
  • Infrastructure owned by Keyfort and maintained by our IT Engineering Team.
  • Maintenance & support cost included as part of virtual machine service.
  • Easily setup for remote working.
  • No associated utility costs for running your own power hungry server.

Why VMWare with Keyfort?

  • Managed Service with 24×7 monitoring.
  • Full Migration Planning and Assistance
  • Integration Services
  • Certified VMWare Professionals
  • Personalised Training
  • Comprehensive Support