You will often find yourself away from the office and your home internet connection yet require access to your office servers. Keyfort have solutions including secure (SSL) browser-based access and logins. You can login from anywhere using secure authentication and data encryption to ensure complete privacy.

Keyfort’s secure remote access services can be tailored to your organisation’s needs, including:

  • Secure office to office and home to office access to vitl services such as email, customer information, operation systems and shared files.
  • Managed services including provisioning of broadbang and connection equipment, VPN configuration and management.
  • Secure mobile connections via tablet PCs and/or smartphones

Benefits of ProTel from Keyfort

  • Staff have appropriate remote access to the office IT systems as and when required thus realising the work efficiencies, cost savings and flexible working benefits available
  •  Staff benefit from comprehensive support for a service which is key to them
  • The accounts department has one monthly itemised invoice from Keyfort rather than a multiplicity of expense forms
  • Change requests for remote working service additions, changes and leavers are simply implemenented by way of an email from an authorised manager
  • Staff can continue to work when bad weather affects travel
  • ProTel is a flexible and comprehensively supported service thus enabling rapid response to changing market requirements

What do our customers say?

“We have been using Keyfort to manage our firewalls & homeworker VPNs for some considerable time now and quite honestly, we could not have done without them. As IT is continually changing and our own business model morphs to meet marketplace needs, we need to have a business that we can trust to bounce possible ideas off and to assist with implementing them – Keyfort are always our first port of call. Always willing to offer help and advice, they have been invaluable in helping us develop our network whilst keeping costs down”

Darren Cope, ICT Manager, WSX Enterprise Limited