What is satellite broadband?

Satellite broadband is when you receive an internet connection via a wireless satellite connection, instead of through a traditional, physical line. The satellite transceiver dish can be put where there is a view to the south/south west.

Why use corporate strength satellite broadband?

Satellite broadband can provide organisations with an immediate or temporary internet connection. This could be to cover the interim period before a leased line is installed, for a temporary project or it could be for the forseeable future. The corporate grade satellite broadband provides you with high speed internet. It is available in both urban and rural locations where traditional connections may not be possible.

Why use Keyfort for satellite broadband?

Our experienced IT engineers will set you up your secure corporate strength satellite broadband quickly and efficiently. Ongoing support will be provided by the IT engineers over the phone, or in person. We will advise and supply the best satellite internet solution suited to your needs.

What do our customers say?

“No broadband was available to us on-site so at short notice, Keyfort were able to provide us with a satellite internet and network solution, providing us with vital email and project support.

Due to the layout of the site, we even needed to dig a trench to the pole-mounted dish which enable d us to site it in the best possible location.

All our expectations have been exceeded, and we consider ourselves the envy of the local community who can only dream of the connection that we have!”

Kerry Golding, Senior Site Manager, Tekne Construction

Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra (BSO) recently streamed a live series of concerts to 6000 pupils in 250 schools for the first time ever. Without satellite broadband, BSO would not have had fast enough internet to stream high quality video and audio to the number of people watching. Satellite internet provided by Keyfort ensured the event was carried out flawlessly.

“At short notice, Keyfort were able to provide us with a temporary satellite internet and network solution, ensuring our live stream project, which would otherwise not have been possible, was a great success.

The support given for the duration of the project meant we were able to focus on the directing and producing of the concert itself, safe in the knowledge that our stream was being looked after.”

Alex Segrave, Digital Office, BSO

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