Many organisations have implemented wireless networks, but aren’t utilising them to their full potential. Keyfort’s Wi-Fi solutions include:

  • Multiple buildings: Meshed together as a single network with roaming between physical locations.
  • User Classes: The ability to assign different user classes each with their own web filtering, security and allocation of available bandwidth
  • Business class hardware: The access points are available in office, industrial and outdoor.
  • Security and management: Central management facilitates full control over the physical network as as well as user admin and security.
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE): PoE negates the need for each wireless access point.

Keyfort meets all of these requirements by providing a comprehensive wireless service. Before work starts, the existing Wi-Fi installation is reviewed and a development plan is designed accordingly. Then it is a simple case of obtaining the organisation’s logo and message for the guest logon screen. When the system is installed, it can then be administered either from the receptionist’s PC, or if you wish to charge for the service and embedded billing mechanism and printer will be provided.

13 Good reasons you should upgrade your Wi-Fi

1.    Mobility within the office: An internal Wi-Fi network means the end of employees being tethered to their desks to do excellent work.

2.    Increased collaboration: Because employees can be located anywhere in the office and still access key docs and info, they can work in teams or groups very easily.

3.    Simpler infrastructure: Reduce the need for power & data cabling sockets.

4.    Wi-Fi can help increase customer spending: If you are in hospitality, studies have shown that customers stay longer and spend more money when they are offered fast, free Wi-Fi.

5.    Wi-Fi is cost effective: Reduce the cost of maintenance! no need to pay for labour or hard-cabling.

6.    Reliable and high speed

7.    Opportunity to collect guest data:  Get guests to sign up with their details to use your Wi-Fi service.

8.  Customer engagement: Offering free public Wi-Fi access to customers increase the time that people spend there.

9.    Better remote access: A dedicated hotspot via a mobile device can help your staff avoid clogged, slow Wi-Fi connections.

10.    Out of office productivity: Staff can securely access your network from outside the building.

11.  Marketing: You can use customers details that they sign up with. Make sure to include an ‘opt-in’ option.

12.    Organizations can use VOIP: Use VoIP to make calls, it can be free depending on the country/device you call. 

13.   Bring Your Own Device (BYOD): Staff can use their own devices at work, saving on expensive tech.