Too many organisations have implemented wireless networks as a convenience that’s casually overlaid on the existing wired infrastructure.

With the massive growth in Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) such as smartphones and tablets, as well as wireless laptops, the pressure on existing Wi-Fi networks has increased exponentially beyond their initial planned requirements.





Keyfort’s Wi-Fi solutions bring together the best of business class Wi-Fi hardware, high speed internet connections and expert services, to enable organisations to create robust, multi-building Wi-Fi networks.




Commonly known as Enterprise Wi-Fi or Campus Wi-Fi, such solutions provide:

  • Multiple buildings : Meshed together as a single network with roaming between physical locations.
  • User classes : The ability to assign different user classes each with their own web filtering, security and share of the available network bandwidth.
  • Business Class hardware : The access points available can be configured into a single network, or diverse networks as required.
  • Security and management : Having a central point of management allows the administrators full control over the physical network as well as user admin and security.
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) : Sometimes power may not be available at the access points’ location. PoE allows them to be powered directly from the network switches, providing savings on electrical installations and greater flexibility over location.

Keyfort meets all of these requirements by providing a one stop shop wireless Internet service. Before work starts, the existing computer network and Internet access is reviewed to ensure the security thereof when the wireless hot spot is implemented. Then it is a simple case of obtaining the organization’s logo and message for the guest logon screen. When the system is installed it can then be administered either from the receptionist’s PC, or, if you wish to charge for the service an embedded billing mechanism and printer will be provided.