What is VoIP?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a way of simplifying a phone network, by routing phone calls over the Internet instead of over telephone lines. If you need more Internet bandwidth to support VoIP, Keyfort can help you upgrade. Other than the extra features and added functionality, using a VoIP phone is just like using a normal phone.

All ‘internal’ calls are free of charge


Why upgrade from PBX to hosted VoIP?

There are huge savings as soon as you upgrade. A hosted VoIP system removes the need for dedicated phone line rental, meaning hefty savings! Adding more phones is easy – you just need to plug in another handset. All your internal calls are free, meaning employees can call your other offices with no charge. All of these reduced costs continue for years to come. For many more benefits or to ask any questions, feel free to
make an enquiry.

Cut costs, make profitsVoIP via 3CX

Why choose Keyfort for my hosted VoIP?

From 4 < 1024 simultaneous calls

End to end project management

Here at Keyfort, we provide a world class hosted VoIP service. Not only does KCS Hosted
allow us to provide you with all the standard VoIP features, what’s more you can make calls from your standard office phone as well as your mobile phone, tablet, or personal computer – and nobody can tell the difference! We also provide other unique features such as calling clients by name, call logging, and even a digital receptionist! If you have any questions at all,

send our team a message.

Quality calls every time with hardware from:

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