WSX Enterprise works with small and medium sized businesses, social enterprises and other organisations across the south of England from operational bases in Hampshire and Dorset.
Their team includes expertise in starting up and growing a business, ongoing business support, enterprise, business mentoring, skills, innovation and design.

Their business advisors work across the region and their primary concern is to work with clients. A key aspect of this work is to use the information resources available within the office systems in order to communicate, coordinate and collaborate effectively as a cohesive team. Attendance at the office is required from time to time but not on a daily basis.

Remote working from home and ‘on the road’ was an obvious choice but the individuals concerned had a plethora of equipment and a range of Internet connections and IT literacy skills.

From the WSX Enterprise point of view they were receiving a multiplicity of expense claims for Internet use which varied by user and arrived on an intermittent basis thus compounding the work load for the team managers and the accounts department.

At this point they engaged with Keyfort who provided the ProTel, professional teleworking, service tailored to meet their needs. ProTel is a comprehensively managed service by Keyfort which includes all aspects of admin, provision, technical support and consolidated monthly billing for secure and flexible remote working.


We have been using Keyfort to manage our firewalls & homeworker VPNs for some considerable time now and quite honestly, we could not have done without them. As IT is continually changing and our own business model morphs to meet marketplace needs, we need to have a business that we can trust to bounce possible ideas off and to assist with implementing them – Keyfort are always our first port of call. Always willing to offer help and advice, they have been invaluable in helping us develop our network whilst keeping costs down.

Darren Cope, ICT Manager, WSX Enterprise Limited

New Staff, Access Changes & Leavers

WSX Enterprise sends an email with the new starter’s details. Keyfort confirms receipt and orders the home office telephone line and Internet access. The hardware is pre-configured and shipped complete with plug in instructions to the new staff member.

The secure access portals for the WSX Enterprise office are configured remotely with the appropriate access privileges for the new staff member. When the new starter is ready they can then ‘plug n play’ or contact a Keyfort engineer to talk them through the process. At the end of which they are able to remotely access the office systems.

Change requests such as home moves, access permission changes and leavers are similarly dealt with in a prompt and comprehensive manner.


I have been fortunate enough to have a series of roles that have allowed me to work from home for the last 18 years. I’ve never doubted the efficiency benefits of being in your own office, saving on commuting, unnecessary meetings and constant interruptions from the office background ‘noise’. However, it has become easier and easier to be more effective, with email, Skype, online conferencing, document sharing, Linked-In updates, stronger WiFi and the increasingly super-fast broadband. It is very important to have solid IT support systems, not just stable internet but data backups and hardware redundancy. One final tip I learned is to buy a large parasol for the garden – it keeps the sun glare off the laptop.

John Richardson, Project Manager, WSX Enterprise Limited