IT Engineering & Cloud Computing Services

What can Keyfort do for you?


- Testing
- Configuration
- Accreditation

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- Massive savings
- Internet based phone
- Access anywhere

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- Speed
- Reliability
- 24x7 monitoring

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- Virtualization
- Maintenance
- Resilience

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IT Engineering

- Consultation
- Implementation
- Support

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- Friendly
- Quick
- Phone or e-mail

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What do our clients think?

We were threatened by a ransomware attack and were promptly helped by Keyfort. The ransomware had infected our Terminal Server but Keyfort quickly identified the source of our attack. Keyfort also provided us with a scan which helped us identify what other machines of ours had been infected. The communication with Keyfort engineers was clear and concise, with regular updates. As we remotely back-up our servers with Keyfort, we were quickly able to retrieve our lost files and enable user access.

Anna Barwick, Financial Director, Hyphose, 29 June 2018 July 25, 2018